Malaysia’s palm oil industry is no doubt the pride of the nation. At the beginning of the all-important refining process is the harvesting, which poses unique challenges due to the height of mature oil palm trees. The harvesting process needs an efficient way of allowing plantation workers to reach the palm oil fruits located several metres above ground.

As an expert in aluminium extrusion, ALUMAC knows that the best, most cost-efficient material to leverage in the harvesting process is aluminium alloy. By employing the correct processes and by controlling the compression throughout the extrusion process, we are able to specially design harvesting poles up to 12m in length that feature high strength and a high degree of ductility. As a result, these flexible, lightweight yet strong telescoping harvesting poles have now become a firm favourite in the field.

ALUMAC also caters to other needs that exist in the agriculture industry. Our expertise is evident in the production of the sturdy, lightweight frames for greenhouses and vertical garden systems that also use aluminium extrusion.