Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Offices, laboratories, manufacturing plants, warehouses all depend on efficient, reliable air circulation and ventilation for safety and comfort. This need is taken care of by Air Handling Units (AHU), whose installation requires a lightweight, strong and thermal efficient components to allow them to operate at optimal levels. Additionally, laboratories and R&D centres in the electronic and pharmaceutical industry go one step further in demanding tightly controlled environments that are free from dust and other airborne pollutants that may adversely affect delicate operations. This requirement necessitates ventilation and filtration components that tight fitting to prevent air leaks and contamination.

ALUMAC is adept at both designing and fabricating the vital infrastructure and parts needed to support vital AHU systems. Our aluminium extrusion technology allows the fabrication of strong, custom-made supports, racks and brackets that allow AHU systems to operate at optimal performance in optimal locations. ALUMAC also specializes in designing extrusions that feature a thermal break to achieve required thermal efficiency profiles. To satisfy the additional requirements of laboratories and R&D centres, we are also able to produce the required parts and components with tight tolerances for air filter.