Innovative Applications of Industrial Aluminium Profiles

The industrial sector is the powerhouse of a world’s economy. Covering a diverse range of areas, it places an equally diverse set of requirements to suppliers. For example, industrial automation requires highly customized profiles and structures, such as industrial aluminium profiles, for the rails, tracks and trusses that suit individual automated applications. We specialize in producing tailor-made profile structures, for instance 40x40 profiles, 40x80 profiles and more to get any automated production line up and running reliably.

The growing emphasis on emission reduction has prompted the automotive industry to seek out weight-saving aluminium-based parts and components that deliver both performance and safety. Our technical experience allows us to supply vehicle components and parts such as the chassis, air-conditioner ducts, side steps and more to fulfill the needs of the automotive industry. Besides that, we also supply customized extrusion for manufacturers of high-performance motorcycle rims that require exacting specifications and stringent quality standards.

In the manufacturing of machinery, engineering equipment and machining components, a high degree of precision and accuracy is needed. Our long experience in precision extrusion puts us in the position to propose the best, most cost effective yet robust engineering solutions for the design of machinery, engineering equipment and machining components.

Lastly, ALUMAC’s experience also benefits the electrical and electronics sector which requires components that have excellent conductivity and heat transfer qualities while being lighter and low cost. The big players in the electrical and electronics industry know that ALUMAC is a reliable supplier of aluminium profiles and components such as aluminium busbars, heat sinks, equipment enclosures and more. In fact, in recent years we have also become a well-known supplier of aluminium extrusions for the manufacturers of LED lighting products.