Consumer Durables

In any industry, consumer durables or user-interfacing items play an important role in improving ergonomics, safety and aesthetics. These items, such as oven & refrigerator handles, , electromagnetic safety lock casings, kitchen cabinet frames as well as sports equipment and more, require the expertise of an aluminium extrusion specialist to produce. Our experience not only allows us to design and manufacture consumer durables but to also add the required surface finishing that further enhances the durability and aesthetics of their design. We offer beautiful yet functional, hard-wearing finishes such as Natural Anodising (NA), Metallic Anodising (METNA) and more to suit your surface finishing requirement for any application.

The manufacturing of sports equipment for example, goalposts and fittings, our aluminium extrusion expertise makes for lightweight, safe and durable products that can be powder coated to perform well during rain or shine. In the manufacturing of bicycle rims, our specialists know how can help create the incredibly strong, lightweight and high corrosion resistance extrusion that’s fit for purpose. It can then be expertly shaped into high performance rim and wheel designs that perform well on the road. As a finishing touch, our anodized process enhances the surface hardness, durability and aesthetics.