Quality Control

At ALUMAC, Quality Check Points (QCP) are set for every process of production. Every quality personnel are committed to focus on these QCP in each production process. Besides that, we also adopt to Digitalize Quality Management in order to achieve a more efficient & systematic tracking and quality checking process. All the workforce is committed to give the best quality of extrusion for our customers.

Quality Check Points

Digitalize Quality Management

  1. Bluetooth Calliper for non-destructive dimensional inspection.
    • Reduce human error
    • Data documented automatically
    • Integrity report for customer

  2. Video Measurement Scanner/ Image Dimension Measurement System for destructive dimensional inspection.
    • Higher accuracy of dimension measurements
    • Fast & efficient dimension checking

  3. Online Computerized Planning System for better scheduling and tracking purpose.
    • Systematic in resources planning
    • Update customer with real-time information

  4. Other Digital Instruments/ Testers
    • Electrical Conductivity Tester in % of International Annealed Copper Standard (IASC) for aluminium flat bar.
    • Surface Roughness Tester to check the accurate roughness of extrusion surface instead of using visual inspection.